How one conversation about Prospa Bank changed everything for Caramel Plugg

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How one conversation about Prospa Bank changed everything for Caramel Plugg

All it took was one phone call from a friend and now Prospa is Caramel Plugg’s favourite app for managing her business and finances.

A business account in just 5 minutes

Before Prospa, Caramel Plugg collected payments from her members into her personal account but she knew there had to be a better way. Opening a bank account with a traditional bank was out of the question as the first and only attempt left her with a headache and the conditions to open an account were too strict.

As the famous proverbial quote goes “A problem shared is a problem solved” and naturally, Caramel reached out to a trusted friend to ask for recommendations who then told her that she could get a business account in just 5 minutes from the comfort of her home.

In Caramel’s words “When a friend of mine told me that I could literally open a business account with Prospa in 5 minutes, I had to go see for myself! I downloaded the Prospa app, entered the proprietor information - That’s me, the owner of the business, provided information for my business and entered my BVN to verify my identity and that was it, I had a working business account within 5 minutes!” pretty straightforward, right?

Managing her business finances

For Caramel Plugg, managing her business and banking has been a dream since she started using Prospa.

As an entrepreneur, content creator and brand influencer, Caramel Plugg wears many hats (or bonnets) and because of this, staying on top of her business can take up a lot of her time. As the business grew, managing her finances proved to be a little challenging. However, since using Prospa, she has help to keep everything organised and up-to-date. Now she can easily…

  • Send and receive transfers from all banks
  • Send Invoices and manage her customers
  • Get a POS to collect payments for pop-up sales
  • Create a free webstore in minutes
  • Get loans up to ₦1,000,000!

Caramel Plugg uses Prospa to receive payments, send invoices and issue receipts to her customers directly to their emails from within the app. The process is seamless and completed within minutes and that’s why Caramel loves Prospa.

Caramel’s favourite feature on the Prospa app is the webstore because “I can list all my products on there and send a link directly to my customers so that they can purchase anything that they want from my store PLUS all the funds go directly into my Prospa account!” – Caramel

Quick and easy loans to scale her business

Over the past couple of months, Caramel Shop — Caramel’s leisurewear and drinkware company based in Lagos has witnessed tremendous growth due to support from her fans and customers. To meet up with demand, Caramel uses loans from Prospa to restock her store and buy packaging for shipment.

As an entrepreneur, having access to quick and easy funding is essential to keeping the wheels turning especially when your product is in high demand so that you never run out of stock. Luckily, Prospa loans are just that - quick and easy. Once she becomes eligible, Caramel is able to apply for loans up to ₦1,000,000 that can be in her Prospa account in less than 24 hours!

Broadening her payment options

For pop up sales, Caramel shows up with her pre-configured Prospa POS to collect payments and keep track of her inventory. It’s simple, she chooses the product from her store, inserts the customers’ card and gets the pin and voila, the money goes directly into her Prospa account and her customers don’t have to worry about not having enough cash or going through the process of a bank transfer.

Why Caramel recommends Prospa

In an environment where support for a business owner is hard to come by, Prospa gives entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to run and manage their business. It truly feels like Prospa is a partner and not just a bank where your money is kept.

Caramel Plugg recommends Prospa to all entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers because with Prospa, she finally has the freedom to run her business while still doing what she loves — creating content and connecting with her fans which is how she believes it should be!

Prospa is a modern account for your business. Open a business account in 5 minutes and discover an incredibly fast and easy way to manage your business finances, from your phone.

Thousands of African business owners, freelancers and startups use Prospa. Packed with features to put your business and banking on autopilot, giving you the time you need to focus on scaling your business.

Open a Prospa account in just 5 minutes to enjoy easy access to tools and loans up to ₦1,000,000!

✅ Open a business account in just 5 minutes

✅ Send a receive transfers from all banks

✅ Send Invoices and manage your customers

✅ Get a POS to collect payments in-store

✅ Create a free webstore in minutes

✅ Get loans up to ₦1,000,000!

Download the Prospa app, sign up and join the thousands of entrepreneurs using Prospa to build successful businesses.

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