Parents Laments After Their 16-year-old Daughter Was Expelled For Having S*xual Relationship With A Security Guard

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The parents of a 16-year-old Form Three student who was expelled from Mabelreign Girls High School in Zimbabwe for being in a sx3ual relationship with a security guard employed by the institution have blamed the school for being unfair, stating that their ward is the victim.

The security guard identified as David Tembo resigned after his alleged sexual relationship with the 16-year-old girl came to light.

The girl's parents have accused the school head, Nomatamsanqa Kusena of protecting Tembo instead of their daughter who they alleged was manipulated.

Her father also stated that it is unfair for the school head to expel their daughter, instead of getting Tembo arrested for allegedly having s3x with a student.

He said;

“The Headmistress is protecting a person who manipulated my daughter into s3x.

Nothing has been done to him, and the head just wants us to go away

The security guy is someone who we entrust our kids with at the school and he is supposed to be a father figure. How could he do that to my daughter?"

It was also reported that the case was downplayed at the police station, after the girl said the encounters were consensual.

Even though s3xually explicit messages and images were found on Tembo's phone, he has denied having s3x with the Form 3 student.

He told journalists;

''I don’t know what you are talking about; yes I know her but the conversations you are referring to are involving another guy.

It was my phone which was used to send the messages and I was also fixing her phone.

The school head Mrs Kusena can testify because I explained everything to her.

It was also learnt that Tembo is still residing at the school premises even though he’s resigned.''

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